Recently, I asked my husband to define me and his response was “organized, intelligent, introverted, big picture thinker. Craves absorbing information, prefers being indoors, and hates talking to people on the phone. Supportive and wants the best for those you care about.”

Our family consists of three kids, a dog, and a gecko (a pandemic addition which has amazingly survived this long). We live in Western North Carolina on top of a mountain and enjoy our local community’s natural and cultural resources as well as exploration further afield. Professionally, I manage several different businesses and provide support and guidance for others looking to start and grow businesses and nonprofits.

I’ve been maintaining and redesigning this website since my friend bought me my first domain in 2002 (20+ years! Before that, I had a geocities website.). It serves as a playground for different technologies, a public journal of what’s on my mind, and a place to collect thoughts and resources that are useful.