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Winter in the Mountains

This winter, I’m inspired by the California mountains, from the texture of the giant sequoias to the olive greens of the desert and all the healthy food you can find in between. We spent the fall in Los Angeles and the San Bernardino mountains enjoying exploring the various and totally unique ecosystems the area and all the different cultural opportunities.

While living in California, we worked to shift to a healthier way of eating, focusing on the amazing ingredients available in the markets and the plethora of vegetarian and vegan restaurants available for us to explore. I am working to continue our healthy eating and good habits we established out west as we settle in for the winter.

Traveling and living out of a suitcase for a few months helped me re-evaluate my clothes choices further and I really became fascinated not just with capsule wardrobes, but with even smaller wardrobes that can cover so many different situations with only a minimum number of pieces. I built one out for the winter mainly focusing on olive green, leather pieces I already had, and beautiful gold leaf jewelry that we found while exploring.

For craft projects, we enjoyed making bath bombs and rose water as Christmas presents for everyone who made our stay in California comfortable. Since we’re staying in a rented farm house for the rest of the winter, we won’t be doing a lot of decorating, but we’ll do a few fun things to make the space feel more like home.