A collection of thoughts on achieving natural beauty.

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Observations and experiences with fashion on a sailboat.

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Feng Shui

Living on the water and with the wind, the sailboat home.

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Having fun and exploring the world by boat, plane, train, car, and bike.

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I took a selfie once…it was awf...

2015-06-14 09.39.01

I am sitting on the couch trying to come up with something fun to blog about that doesn’t involve Skye. It’s just that all my photos these days are photos of her. And they aren’t even all good photos. So I took a selfie. And unlike grumpy cat photos, it was actually pretty awful. Of […]

Water Baby

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Skye Swim Video I recently posted this video on Skye’s Instagram and my Facebook page. Starting her on swim lessons early made sense. We live on a boat, it is surrounded by water. While we do our best to keep an eye on her at all times, she is a wiggly and fast little creature. […]

The Littlest Looper

2015-05-13 12.25.47

Note: Geoffrey does not like it when I anthropomorphize Elli, nor when I make-up thoughts for Skye. He believes everyone is entitled to their own opinion and method of communication. But I had too much fun writing this not to share it. ~Caroline Yesterday, I work up at 3:37am. It was not my fault. I […]

Northbound Vessel

Bucksport Marina

This is a story about sailing through a hurricane with a baby. No? Ok, well that still sounds better than this is a story about sitting in port while a tropical storm dumps rain on us and helps us discover all the leaks in the boat with a baby. But I guess everyone is glad […]

Sand Gnat Hell

Sand Gnat Hell

We have less than an hours’ worth of work that needs to be done before we can get the mast on Saga Blue back up to head north, but accomplishing it is proving to be next to impossible (and not because Geoff dropped parts in the water). This time of year, south of Savannah is […]

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

“Also, please don’t give the baby to the drunk people.” I think this is a directive most moms never have to give a baby sitter. And really, it is common sense. But most baby sitters don’t encounter this problem often. But we live on a sailboat. Which is generally at a marina. Which, on a […]

Stream of Consciousness

Sailing Map