A Few Pictures

A Few Pictures

A few pictures of what we’ve been up to lately.


Look closely, there’s a tiny tug boat being pulled behind this sailboat.


Making cheddar cheese with an improvised cheese press.


Surprisingly good wine in a can.


New blue cabinet covers.


Skye helping Geoff prep to install an engine.

Lots of Small Progress

Lots of Small Progress

It doesn’t seem like we’ve made a lot of boat progress lately, but really we’ve made progress on lots of different fronts. The floor is fitted and ready for a final sand and varnish. The bilge pump switch is rewired and installed right below the sink. The battery meter is working and we’ve determined the onboard radio will have to be replaced as it recieves but does not transmit. 

The biggest project of all is prepping for the new engine. Hurricane Matthew did some serious damage to a nearby marina leaving several nice boats essentially totaled. The marina staff tested several engines and are selling those that didn’t get damage or salt water in them. We are getting a 20hp Yanmar with only 400 hours on it. A touch big for our boat, but I’m looking forward to being able to go hull speed regardless of the weather. 

I also covered the cabinet sliders to match the cushions, so they look much better now. Little project but makes the boat look put together. 

It’s gotten cooler here, so I’m in a hurry to get the engine installed and scoot south!



I spent all of ten minutes trying to train Skye to say “Trick-or-treat” instead of just “treat,” but she was already eating too much candy corn and it was time to go, anyways. We started on the dock, already having a good idea of which boats were kid-friendly and likely to have candy. The kids stormed down the docks calling out to see which boats would answer. We had a half-dozen with us, the rest had already left to start hitting houses.

img_3100Some boat were well prepared. Others, caught off guard but wanting to participate, came out with fresh fruit and full-sized chocolate bars. Skye’s sweet “treat” followed by putting the candy in her pumpkin and “thank you” was a hit.

We went from the marina to the old section of town where they take Halloween seriously. Houses were well decorated. One, “the castle,” was not only a beautiful low country mansion attractively decorated to a T, it also had professional actors playing witches and ghosts and a headless horseman to chase you away. Brilliantly done. Half haunted house, half live-action decoration. The sound system was set up to scream and make the house shake. Skye was fascinated, but not scared.

We tired after one block and made our way back to the marina, leaving the older kids to keep going. Besides, we had a candy haul to inspect!

The night before, we hosted a huge potluck for all the boat kids who came to the area for the holiday. Six boats and a dozen kids ate and played and ran around, from the littlest, Skye, to the oldest at 13. While exhausting, it was also awesome to have so many boat kids together to play.