A collection of thoughts on achieving natural beauty.

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Observations and experiences with fashion on a sailboat.

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Feng Shui

Living on the water and with the wind, the sailboat home.

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Having fun and exploring the world by boat, plane, train, car, and bike.

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Mini Yoga for Small Spaces


Some, beautiful, days, I get to roll out a yoga mat on the dock or under a canopy or next to a pool and get a 30- or even 60-minute practice. Beautiful days. Most days, though, I’m fitting in what I can on the curved floor of Minx or on the side of the cockpit […]

Fitting in Yoga


Yesterday, Geoff and I spent a fair amount of time cleaning the Com Pac, making a more exhaustive project list, and debating new names. As I moved around the boat, I worked on figuring out how storage would work, what I needed to do to make a tiny office and play space, and where I […]

Com-Pac 27


I have a three page list of projects to do on this boat that was supposedly in “excellent condition.” Now, admittedly, a lot of those projects are to check the various systems once it’s put in the water, but odds of them all working perfectly are low. That said, I can see the potential. It’s […]

Buying Another Sailboat


“Now I mean this as a compliment,” the older gentleman who was selling us the Com Pac 27 approached me as I hopped out of the F350 to confer with Geoff about hooking up the trailer, “but watching you drive the truck today and watching you climb all over the boat last night, you’re what […]

Going on a Run


I’ve never gotten a “runners high,” the euphoric feeling that allows runners to push through and feel great. At best, I am happy that I finished my cardio exercise first thing in the morning and I do have more energy during the day as a result. Elli is my trainer (when I let her run […]

Lazy Boat Yoga


Yesterday I ran and swam and worked and walked and by the time I got back to the boat, I was too exhausted to do any yoga. But Skye was up and active and climbing into everything. No rest on the horizon. So instead of doing yoga (meaning the physical practice of), I sat down […]

Stream of Consciousness

Sailing Map