Traveling on Toddler Time

“There’s also this train we should do!” Kelly is enthused about planning a weekend full of fun activities for Skye. There is so much to do in LA, but one of the big problems we’re running into is that everything, especially kids activities, closes at 5. By the time I get her home from school and napped, it’s 3:30 and if we take the bus, we’re lucky to get where we’re going by 4:30.

Last night, after ballet lessons, I decided a trip through Little Tokyo would be fun and yummy. After all, you can’t go wrong with sushi and, in the middle of the week, taking Skye to a fancy restaurant is an option. While most businesses were open (yay!), they were hardly crowded. Indeed, I didn’t feel like I was in the downtown area of a bustling city at all!

The sushi turned out to be excellent and the grocery store somewhere I need to avoid in the future (must try and cook all the things!!!).

We had less luck when shopping for Skye’s Halloween costume. After hitting the dance supply store around 4pm, we headed off to get white swan feathers. Theoretically, the store I was aiming for, the entertainingly-named and well-reviewed Mother Plucker was open till 6pm. However, when bus after bus didn’t show up on schedule, we didn’t make it and had to swing by the much more prosaic, but open late, Michael’s to pick up feathers.

Toddler time means it’s hard to cram a lot into a day. On the weekends, I try to plan one activity for the morning and maybe one more for the afternoon/evening. It just takes longer to get her organized to get somewhere and, when she’s having fun, you hardly want to leave. It also means that there will be down days when she comes home from school exhausted and doesn’t wake up from her nap until 5:15. We aren’t going anywhere on those days.

It also means we get to take advantage of having a toddler to do all the fun things that adults are just to cool to do like the freaky Halloween maze the neighbors set up (and loading up on candy). Sometimes, it means it’s hard to make it to everything you want to do, though. Despite the fact that she sits through and loves ballet, I decided she wasn’t quite ready for a full performance of Carmen (we’re going to try an Ok, Go! concert this weekend, instead).