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SV Brave Dragon

“Skye, it’s time for your nap.”

“I’m not Skye.” Ok, what toddler nap-avoidance tactic are we going to try today?

“Ok, who are you?”

“I’m a brave dragon. RWARRRRR!” Her roars are somewhat adorable. She roars complete with an open mouth and two hands in the air.

For a long time, she’s been watching Doc McStuffins with my Aunt Peggy and I’ve downloaded a few episodes for her Kindle (something for her to watch when I have an unexpected work call). One of the characters is a stuffed blue dragon, Stuffy, who repeatedly tells everyone that he is a brave dragon. Skye has apparently taken this to heart.

On a seemingly unrelated note, we’ve been putting new stripes and sticker on the boat, slowly turning it from a red and cream boat to cream and light blue. I personally like the light blue color better, although the cushion fabric shows every dropped crumb, dog hair, and spilled drink (not a great combination with a toddler). We should have a matching dodger and bimini soon!

We’ve been debating boat name on and off and had settled on one based on our previous boat, mainly because we could agree on nothing else. Skye was in her dragon phase (well, she still is in her dragon phase, and her ballerina phase, and her tractor-driving phase….) while we were driving to a machine shop to pick up yet another part for the mast, when Geoff had an idea.

“What if we call the boat Brave Dragon?” Geoff suggests. We debate the idea back and forth for a while, but we both really like it. So, after much debate, the stickers are ordered and SV Brave Dragon it is. The only item up for debate is whether we’re going to put stickers of Stuffy next to the name or whether we’ll just get a boat flag made with a stuffy to be flown in an effort to attract other boats with toddlers aboard…