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    Worldschooler Exchange

    We’re being featured on Worldschooler Exchange this week! One big thing we work on while traveling is finding other kids to play with. We’re lucky right now that the marina we’re at has other toddlers (plural!!), but sometimes it takes planning to find friends. Facebook groups, the Kids4Sail map, and Worldschooler Exchange are all ways we locate other families traveling through the same region. They also provide support groups that speak specifically to the nomadic parts of our life.

  • Mental Horizons


    Proof that advertising on TV works. Skye is watching Big Bang Theory with my parents while I’m in another room working. All of a sudden, I hear tiny feet tearing down the hallway. “Ballerina!!! I want ballerina!!” Skye runs up to me all excited. I slide out of my chair and walk into the TV room. “What does she want?” I ask. While I can understand what she’s saying most of the time, now, often the context is lost. “The Koger Center is doing Swan Lake this Friday,” my mom says. Apparently they’d played a TV commercial. “Look it up and see if the date is right and what the…