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Mountain Cooking

One of my favorite parts of coming to the mountains (as an adult) is having both the luxury of a large kitchen and access to a wonderful array of local, organic foods. While the little market right down the road is a tad expensive, they carry great options and, if I’m organized enough on a Saturday morning, I can make it to the farmer’s market and stock up on cheese and veggies.

Tonight, I’ve got asparagus from the local market (organic, but probably not locally sourced), eggs from a local farm, and a lamb chili made with a local farmer’s ground lamb and a wealth of farmer’s market veggies. To top that off, Skye and I just set to rise a loaf of bread that we’ll pop in the oven shortly (ok, the flour and yeast came from a grocery store, but she and I mixed and kneaded).

The downside of all this cooking, especially with a toddler on hand to help, is all the crumbs falling everywhere attracts pests. Ants started crawling all over the counters, spiders showed up, and the occasional mouse was even seen running about. The recent deluge didn’t help matters, of course, driving more little animals inside to seek shelter.

I’m not a huge fan of animals in my kitchen, so out came the diatomaceous earth puffer (ants and spiders) and peppermint oil cotton balls (mice), arrayed around the kitchen and the house. Into the freezer went flour and grains. Apparently, simply having people around isn’t enough when the lure of food and dry space speaks.

We’re certainly not following any consistent diet, though my new paleo cookbook is getting plenty of use. We’re taking full advantage of toddler-friendly breweries, locally-made donuts, and lots of ice cream stops. It doesn’t take eating a perfect diet for me to feel a world better, a day or two of mostly veggies and my energy improves. A week of it, and my clothes start feeling lose.

There are plenty of adventures coming this summer. Some involve kayaking, some involve big cities, and some involve road trips, but for now, I’m enjoying having a home base and a well-stocked fridge full of veggies.