Long Time No Update

Last night, I raced around the apartment trying to put in earrings, order pizza, and give the sitter last minute instructions at the same time. With just enough time, I slipped out of the down and down to the car to be swept away to the Academy of Motion Pictures theater in Los Angeles, grab out tickets, and breeze through security. I climbed the stairs, took the obligatory selfie with the golden statue, and then claimed my seat in the red velvet chairs.

Soon, the lights in the theater went down and the red curtains were swept aside to reveal the new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, a delightfully funny and beautiful film directed and headlined by Kenneth Branagh. As the credits rolled, the crowed clapped for each performance as the actor’s name appear on the screen and then the lights came up and the director, screen-writer, and a portion of the cast engaged in an excellent discussion of some of the details of the movie.

I’m not making this up, this was a screening, a pre-showing of the movie to industry insiders and I was there as a guest of my sister-in-law. She got the tickets, I chatted up the extroverted rabbi (also a guest) sitting next to me.

Getting here was a bit of a circuitous path, though it’s been so busy I haven’t had much time to sit and write (clearly). We pulled the boat out of the water near where we last were in New Bern for some bottom work and, apparently, a rudder-shaft re-building. Then, Skye and I headed to the mountains while Geoff headed off to his farm. A few weeks in the mountains enjoying crisp fall weather and hikes to waterfalls was followed by business trips and a yoga retreat for me (Skye went to stay with Geoff at the farm for a spell). Then Skye and I climbed on a cross-country airplane and arrived in the heat of Los Angeles to spend some time with Kelly.

Los Angeles is a wonderful place for a child to explore, from afternoons at Snooknuk to high-quality children’s theater, we’ve enjoyed exploring the area. We took a long-weekend trip to Yosemite and have several more excursions planned. I’ve also managed to squeeze in a little adult fun such as seeing the screening and going out with friends. We’re soaking up the LA heat (104+ for the last three days), dancing lots of ballet, and exploring!