Boat & Home


We’re still not on the boat, which is still in New Bern, NC. Much of this is due to the two hurricanes that tore through the east coast this fall. The first, Florence, came slightly south of the boat, causing significant flooding. Geoff and I went up the week before to secure the boat and helped a variety of other local boaters secure their boats as well. Then we sat back to wait.

Sitting in the mountains under a gorgeous fall sun does not make one feel like a hurricane is hitting your home. Myself and two other boat ladies sat on the porch and obsessively watched both spaghetti models (Mike’s Weather Page) and Facebook (because where else do you get your up-to-the-minute news?), laughed at the best Florence memes, and drank some wine.

We were lucky. While there was significant damage to the waterfront and marina our boat was at, the docks (barely) held on and so our boat survived. The AC slid back and forth across my teak floor and caused a scratch. We went back up the weekend after to celebrate. The canvas went back on the boat, we confirmed that there were no leaks, scratches, or other outside damage, and settled into the cockpit with a large group of people also happy to have survived the storm.

Hurricane Michael then blew threw, floating free some boats that had been stranded during the storm, including a huge dinner barge. That barge slammed into the end of A-dock at our marina, crushing the dock and only narrowly missing some of the boats tied there.

In reality, we were lucky. Many homeowners in the area took significant hits. It felt frivolous to be worried about a boat (even though it is our home) when others were loosing their houses. A few weeks later we went back, hoping to move onto the boat for the fall. The marina had only limited services and most other marinas in the area fared worse.

So we’re now at a cross-roads. Move the boat north or south or do something else? First, we’re going to enjoy a fall road trip and show Skye some of the interior of the country. After all, you can’t sail to the Grand Canyon or the Great Meteor Crater. Then we’ll figure out what direction we want to go next.