Mental Horizons

Going to the Ballet

“There’s another toddler here,” I notice her while we’re standing in line to pick up our tickets. There are lots of well-dressed adults and plenty of adorable little girls running around, but Skye is the youngest we’ve seen. I’m mildly relieved I’m not the only mother in the area who brings her kid to the ballet.

We slid into our seats right before the orchestra started, realizing we were sitting right next to the percussion section. At first, Skye jerked every time the drum hit or the cymbals crashed, but then she got into the flow of music and was just fascinated by watching them play. Then the curtains came up and she was excited to see the ballerinas dance.

We didn’t quite make it through the first act. We snuck out with about 5 minutes to go because Skye was getting fidgety. She made it all the way through the second act, even chatting with the percussionists at intermission.

“How old is she?” the other toddler was sitting four rows behind us and so the other mother caught up with me when we were walking back in. “Two, how old is yours?” The other toddler turned out to be two, almost three, a few months older than Skye, but was less interested in ballet. She was apparently a lover of Tchaikovsky and got excited anytime she heard his music. We agreed that both toddlers had excellent taste.

The older gentleman sitting next to us asked my mom if she thought Skye was getting anything out of the ballet. Mom, of course, quoted Proverbs “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Mom told me about this later and asked if I thought Skye was really absorbing what she was seeing on the stage.

When we left right before intermission, Skye had a chance to run around and dance and get some of her energy out. She was running around with her arms behind her like swan wings, exactly like the ballerinas on stage were doing. I don’t doubt she’s absorbing.