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Finding Community

“What do you think it will take for Geoff to want to move here?” a good friend asked me. We were sitting in a covered area next to a brewery at a picnic table finishing up the french fries the kids had left in their rush to get back to climbing trees. Even Skye was running around, following the older kids to the tree and circling the bottom, observing how they climbed.

It was a fair question. I knew I loved the area and, if we had to quasi-settle, it would be where I chose, but it also needed to be somewhere Geoff would love, too. My answer, finally, came down to finding community.

For the last few years, living and traveling on the sailboat, we’ve had to find a new community each time we changed docks. If we stayed long enough, like the several months we spent in Beaufort, SC or New Bern, NC, this started to happen naturally. But it was much harder to do when we only spent a week or two somewhere. Sometimes we got lucky and ended up with a slip near someone social, but other times we felt lonely.

Geoff, in particular, wants community and wants people who want to go kayaking with him (or whatever crazy pursuit he’s interested in at the moment). Settling in the mountains, were we already have some friends in the area, and where there’s lots of outdoor adventures to be had, I hope, will provide us all with lots of opportunities to make friends and have fun. Even Skye is getting involved in the outdoor spirit, helping weed the community garden and learning not to trample on the plants.

There are lots of reasons we decided to be still for a while instead of travel as we’d originally planned. I’d always wanted to spend a summer in the mountains, so it seemed like a good time to make that happen. But don’t worry, we’ve still got plenty of adventures, both big and small, planned for the future!