Exploring Locally

Thanks to google maps, Atlas Obscura, and local guidebooks, we’ve discovered many different things to do in Western North Carolina. The #828isgreat hashtag is another great resource for fun ideas. From cool local restaurants to unexpected views to great music, we’re enjoying exploring the mountains.

Last week, Geoff went to the Nantahala Outdoor Center for some serious whitewater kayaking while I took the girls around the mountains to find petroglyphs and mummified cats. Geoff was jealous of the petroglyphs and the signs translated into Cherokee, but Skye was most impacted by the mummy cat. She’s talked to me about how the cat was a mom and when it died, the men wrapped it up. Kevin the Vampire Cat has moved in and joined the stuffed animal collection.

We’ve also found fairy bridges, tried to catch fireflies, and ventured into Asheville for some seriously good donuts. Skye is in school in the mornings again, which gives me time to work and gives us the afternoon to explore the area. I’m also getting a little more time to do yoga and enjoying lots of cooking with fresh vegetables. Exploring and really getting to know an area can be a treat.