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    Finding Community

    “What do you think it will take for Geoff to want to move here?” a good friend asked me. We were sitting in a covered area next to a brewery at a picnic table finishing up the french fries the kids had left in their rush to get back to climbing trees. Even Skye was running around, following the older kids to the tree and circling the bottom, observing how they climbed. It was a fair question. I knew I loved the area and, if we had to quasi-settle, it would be where I chose, but it also needed to be somewhere Geoff would love, too. My answer, finally, came…

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    Cleaning the Bottom

    My clock says 5:36am and a book just fell on my head. I am groggy since we moved the boat out to the sandbar at high tide last night and dropped anchor a little after 2am. I can hear Geoff on deck. Can’t I just sleep a little longer? The boat lists sharply to the side and I know I can’t. The books come down from the shelf into the bed and I walk down the middle of the boat, now at about 20-degrees, making sure everything else on the high side is secure. I grab breakfast and climb on deck. Geoff is now below making sure everything in our…

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    Worldschooler Exchange

    We’re being featured on Worldschooler Exchange this week! One big thing we work on while traveling is finding other kids to play with. We’re lucky right now that the marina we’re at has other toddlers (plural!!), but sometimes it takes planning to find friends. Facebook groups, the Kids4Sail map, and Worldschooler Exchange are all ways we locate other families traveling through the same region. They also provide support groups that speak specifically to the nomadic parts of our life.