Mental Horizons


Proof that advertising on TV works.

Skye is watching Big Bang Theory with my parents while I’m in another room working. All of a sudden, I hear tiny feet tearing down the hallway.

“Ballerina!!! I want ballerina!!” Skye runs up to me all excited. I slide out of my chair and walk into the TV room.

“What does she want?” I ask. While I can understand what she’s saying most of the time, now, often the context is lost.

“The Koger Center is doing Swan Lake this Friday,” my mom says. Apparently they’d played a TV commercial. “Look it up and see if the date is right and what the tickets are.”

Skye goes back to watching Big Bang Theory while I go and check. Sure enough, the ballet is this Friday and there are tickets still available on the side (makes sense that if you’re going to take a 2-year-old to a performance, you want to be able to slip out, even though she sat through the entire Nutcracker without an issue). So we decide to play the music for her and see if she likes Swan Lake before we buy tickets.

This morning, she’s cuddled up in my lap, so I queue up the Russian Ballet’s version of Swan Lake. She sits contentedly in my lap for the first 20 minutes (which is about how long she’d watch The Nutcracker on YouTube) before needing to get up and dance. She’s currently dancing in circles. “Spin spin spin!” She’s doing almost all of it on her toes and she’s trying to kick her foot out and spin on one foot like I can do, but hasn’t quite mastered this. Not through lack of trying.

We certainly expose her to plenty of other things. She loves tractor and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. But nothing gets her quite as excited as seeing ballerinas. Maybe I need to increase our ballet lessons to weekly events…